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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to optimize your latest customer experience or a small non-profit trying to enhance your online presence, we can help. Our offerings are flexible and can work within your budget.

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We have you covered whether you want to optimize your existing software expenditures without reducing impact or want to determine how to measure the success of your next big deliverable.

Performance Analysis

  • Assess current application performance and performance bottlenecks
  • Develop strategies to correct performance and remediate impacts
  • Implement corrective measures as applicable
  • Provide organizational guidance to maintain performance gains

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Software Modernization

  • Determine gaps between current state and future needs of organizational software
  • Analyze modernization strategies and costs
  • Provide recommendations on paths forward in software modernization

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DevOps Instrumentation

  • Implement monitoring an analytics to help ensure maximum uptime
  • Establish reasonable SLAs and strategies to improve them over time
  • Develop guidelines for software and service ownership and governance
  • Automate processes to reduce engineering overhead

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Let us help build a plan to implement your next great idea or jump-start your digital transformation. We can even help kick off your organization's Agile revolution.

Systems Architecture and Design

  • Perform systems and requirements analysis to design the right solution for your product
  • Produce logical diagrams and system flows to be shared within your organization
  • Ensure you have an implementation plan for your next strategic endeavor

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Agile Transformation

  • Develop a plan to transition your development teams to use Agile methodologies
  • Hands-on experience in mentoring in Scrum and Kanban
  • Aid your organization in maximizing throughput and decreasing churn

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Software Organization Structuring

  • Define organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Develop job responsibilities by level based on industry standards
  • Ensure teams are structured to maximize communication efficiency

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Not only can we help you optimize your existing software applications and development practices, but we can help you make good on those promises. We can help each step up the way, from delivering customer-facing microservices and front-end experiences to building a stellar software organization.

Hiring Pipeline Implementation

  • Assess hiring needs and requirements
  • Develop scalable internal processes for candidate assessment
  • Improve candidate experience by reducing friction
  • Reduce time to hire

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Service Development

  • Develop maintainable and scalable services and service orchestrations to power your organization
  • Implement best practices to enhance your capabilities with REST and/or GraphQL
  • Dockerize and deploy on the infrastucture of your choice -- from kubernetes to serverless

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Front-End Development

  • Develop customer-facing applications utilizing modern best-practices
  • Ensure a consistent cross-device experience for your consumers
  • Implement best practices for performance and WCAG compliance

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